Man, did I choose the right time to quit drinking.

First, I’m considered obese. I weighted myself this morning and I came in at 228. This is the lightest I’ve weighed in 6 months. I’m 5’6″ tall. I don’t think I look like 228. No, really, I don’t. At the time, I didn’t think I looked like 250. Maybe because I haven’t had any health problems yet, play on a volleyball league, and take multivitamins? But I really don’t think I look obese. Even in pictures. Heavy? Sure. Obese? Nah.

Here’s the deal. My friend, Coco, looks perfectly healthy. I’ve seen her without makeup 2 times in the 5-6 years I’ve known her. She’s a curvy 5’7″ blonde who doesn’t even drink coffee, and maintains a strict, gluten-free diet. She has numerous health issues (POTS, Lupus, arthritis) and has a handicap tag for her car. I’ve sat on floors with her because her lungs have suddenly decided to not get their shit together and work properly. People have been down right awful to her because she appears healthy on the outside. My other friend, Kay, again, looks healthy. Size 6, wildly curly blonde hair, effervescent personality. Her knees are weaker than raw spaghetti noodles, so sports, even recreational bike rides, are no bueno. I have helped these people move from house to house, carrying more than they are capable of, and I’d gladly help again. I’ve been fortunate enough to not have knee problems, weak back muscles, etc., but apparently, it won’t last long. According to a recently published study conducted over 20 years at the University College London, I’m screwed. My health won’t last long. In 20 years time, only 11% of people classified as “healthy obese” lost weight and became “normal.” The others went from “healthy obese” to “unhealthy obese”. I’m 29, so by 49, I’ll be… “unknown.”

Secondly, another study with concrete statistics came out saying 6 people die due to alcohol poisoning, typically after binge drinking. For ladies, it’s 4 drinks in 1 sitting, 4-5 hrs. Tobacco kills someone slowly, as the damage accumulates and comes crashing down like an avalanche that just cannot support itself anymore. Alcohol just takes 1 time. I used to smoke from 16 years of age until 24.

So the fat on my body and the damage of underage smoking is in a race to see who’s going to kill me first. Outstanding.


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