[Image] Let go of the past

I am afraid of repeating the past. It had its good times, sure. But I remember my failures more clearly than my successes. My graduation of my double B.A. does not bring me joy as much as it should. It doesn’t seem as if my parents were proud of me. My 1st graduation open house (ever) turned into a shit show with family usurping attention and causing drama with friends. I paid for everything myself and went into the red. My boyfriend (who wasn’t a very good one) dumped me at 5am Sunday morning, the beginning of finals week and my graduation, via text. Because he’s a chicken shit, apparently.
After I get my M.A., what do I do? Where do I go? I could move on and do so many great things! I don’t need a party once I get it. I don’t need to tell everyone I have it. I just need to finish what I’ve started, and that is amazingly hard.


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